Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weeks 1 & 2/April 2013 - 10PGS News


Ok so it took me awhile to post this, SO it will be short updates & mostly pictures...First thing in 10PGS news, April 1st Brandan Catlin recieved his Orange belt! Congratulations Player Hater!! Brandan "Player Hater #1" Catlin gets his Orange Belt!

Also guys, remember Brandan & Shaun both have fights May 11th at PBA (Pensacola Boxing Academy). I believe it will be in the evening like most fights. They are full MMA, these are not kickboxing matches. Matt & Sean will be there to corner them just like they do at everyone else's fights. Please come to show your support. I have a lot of confidence in these guys and I want everyone that is able to come cheer them on! If you need help with driving directions, just ask me(TORI) and I'll help you out.  :] 

Also, if you're looking for a recap of the 3/30/13 Throat Punch Ind. Sub. Only Tournament, here's the link! The main pictures of our team are below, if there's one I missed, you can download it at  3/30/13 Throat Punch Ind. Sub Only Recap

Also, we have RASHGUARDS on the way, get me(TORI) your preorder ASAP! They are really cool, they are long sleeve & we're hoping to get them in before our next tournament on May 18th. 

Info on the May 18th tournament is on the corkboard at the gym AND ALSO, at the front desk there are hand outs that were personally sent to our school for you guys to take home, but here's the link and a little bit about the tournament:

          Ok, so the tournament is called the NewBreed Ultimate Challenge. It is in Nashville, TN.
It's $79 to enter, that covers GI/NO GI, & also a free t-shirt is included. Here's 2 links to the site, if you need more info, there you go. I do know if you register 2 or 3 people at a time you get a discount, SO, if everyone wants to buy their tickets together we can do that, just let me(TORI) know. We have to pre-register by May 12th.

Here's the physical address: Lipscomb University, One University Park Dr., Nashville, TN. 
...YES, we know it's a drive so if you would like to go, we're hoping for 2 car groups & we will all split the gas & hotel like our trip to the Demopolis tournament. We will have to leave May 17th, I don't have an exact time as of yet. So far, this is the group we have to compete, I believe: Sean & I, Dyana Lee-Daniels, Chase Hannah, & Chase Kendrick depending on his knee... So if anyone else is down, let us know!!

One more thing, Sean has a big announcement coming up! Be expecting an invite on Facebook by the end of the week! It's very exciting news!! Ok, so I believe this will catch me up on my blogging for the first 2 weeks of April!